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What should I call my... brand / design studio / indie rock band / german shepard?

One of the trickiest parts when starting something new is figuring our what to call it. What should I call my is a typography tool that quickly lets you try out naming ideas to get a feel for what works.

Keyboard shortcuts


cmd/ctrl+↑ / ↓ Change font

shift+↑ / ↓ Change word

shift+shift Change case

shift+cmd/ctrl +↑ / ↓ Change font size

cmd/ctrl+i Italic

cmd/ctrl+u Underline

cmd/ctrl+b Bold

shift+backspace Delete

alt+← / → Letter spacing

Tips and tricks


To hide everything except your baby, move the cursor outside the browser window

Background image

To add a background image, drag and drop a JPG or PNG from your computer into the browser window, or paste a direct url-link to an image into the text field. Move the cursor outside the browser window to preview.

Custom font

To add a fancy font that you have on your computer, type font: and the name of the font in the text field at the top and press enter.

Developed by Paul Botwid